Sort-of working Evemon with the new API

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Sort-of working Evemon with the new API

Post by Swizzles Saissore » Fri May 11, 2018 5:19 am

Update: since this was written, the guy who took over Evemon development has made the application much more streamlined to work with ESI. As of the current release (currently 3 days ago) you no longer need to go though the hoops of setting up scopes and stuff yourself. You can get the latest versions from here:

Note that with the updated version of Evemon you are using the developers 3rd party credentials to be able to hook into ESI and that could potentially carry some risk that he might use it for nefarious means. The risk is about the same as the old version of Evemon however as the old developers could have done that as well. If you don't trust them at all you can instead grab the source and compile it yourself with your own 3rd party credentials but you would also need to go over the code yourself to ensure it wasn't dodgy to be completely sure. Your choice in the end, to me my shit isn't valuable enough to care to do this even though I fully understand the code it's written in (C#).


Found this, its a bit of a clunky heap of shit but it at least mostly works as an upgrade to Evemon that works with the new ESI API:

<deleted url>

Just install it over the top of your old Evemon and then add your characters over the top one by one. No need to remove the old ones first, it will just update them as you go. Enjoy.

When you go to run Evemon it will complain about needing an application setup with CCP. You can either go forth and make your own one and painstakingly add all the needed scopes like I did or just use mine. If you want mine, you need to ask me as I'm not posting it here.

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