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Leadership, Directors, Diplo's, Recruiters
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Get to know YOUR corp!

Post by ITAI » Fri Mar 02, 2018 4:10 am

Share a bit about yourself and your life in Eve.

Get to know your fellow pilots.

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Re: Leadership, Directors, Diplo's, Recruiters

Post by industrial oblitorator » Fri Mar 02, 2018 11:02 am

Oi, my name is Indy , I am the CEO of this band of scallywags, ruffians, thugs, scoundrels, villains, rogues, rascals, louts, hooligans, hoodlums, vandals, delinquents, brutes and larrikins. Welcome to our corp and make it the last corp you ever join.
So a bit about me...

In 2011 I started to ITAI to make a casual, laid back pvp corp of wonderful people to do what they like to do in eve and pvp on the side, with access to good safe space and plenty of content to entertain the troops.

I am a 46 year old children's teacher in Nagoya Japan, divorcee and the father of two awesome children, Kokoro and Makoto.

In Australia I have rotary valve DAP motored swiss-hutless gokart, A Yamaha TT600 belgarda dirtbike setup for super motard, an Aprillia RS250 race replica (license destruction unit) , a hunting bow and I hail from Williamstown South Australia.

Now, I play futsal twice a week , train Pekiti-Tirsia Kali 3 times a week, I aggressive skate (was sponsored when I was in my 20s) and I enjoy hiking, the out doors and traveling.
I have in excess of 500 books on the martial arts, and a healthy knife collection at home in Australia.

I play eve most nights of the week and have had maybe 2 weeks off in total from eve , being holidays to Australia to meet my family.

My pirate pet would be a wedge tailed eagle and it would be named 'THE BITCH' (not after my ex-wife).

I love the garmur and the falcon as my favourite ships and can fly any ship in game.
I recently stole a HEL, I have FCed more than 1000 fleets, am a very good combat prober, I prefer small fast ships, I have played in the alliance tournament 3 times (including being the captain of the last one in TNT).

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Re: Leadership, Directors, Diplo's, Recruiters

Post by Annexe » Mon Mar 05, 2018 3:31 pm


I'm Annexe.

Some call me the 2nd-in-charge, others call me a scrub, either way, I've been a member of ITAI for about as long as it's been around. Frustrated with T1 hauler mining in hi-sec, a bunch of misfit pilots, lead by one heck of an aussie, took me into null-sec and showed me what EVE is really about.

I enjoy PVP first and foremost, I have focused a lot of my time on tackling, scouting, intercepting and being a pain in the ass... if something tries to run I can usually catch it. I can be very sneaky, i spend a lot of time cloaked and popping into wormholes.... if you get lost, I can help find you. (many corpies will support this) I also enjoy and spend a lot of time doing the back-end work such as spreadsheets, corp management, house-keeping and making sure none of you scurvvy dogs fall overboard. I can diplo.

I fly sub-caps, because I like to be fast, I like to be at the front of the fight, I bring blasters to a kite-fight!!

I'm 33, from Perth Western Australia. A musician, graphic designer, and now labour monkey for the $$. I spent a lot of years in the local music scene. I have been a member of and performed in many bands (mainly heavy metal), and working for a company that sets up concerts for world touring acts. Graphic design is my hobby, that I put into practice and have produced work for bands, events and even Eve. I also have a podcast show with a friend and fellow musician

Over the 7.150722 years that I have flown with ITAI I have made so many amazing friends and grown to love this space-game family. I have developed close friendships with a number of pilots, met a few of you and enjoy nothing more than sharing a laugh. I will be your friend, your mentor, your lifeline, your shield. I will put the corp and all of its members first, so I will also be your enemy if you don't play nice :)

If you need anything, do not hesitate to contact me in-game, LINE, Discord, Jabber etc.


(ƒ;..;)ƒ grrrrr
(") (")

dandav8 Sotken
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Re: Leadership, Directors, Diplo's, Recruiters

Post by dandav8 Sotken » Mon Mar 05, 2018 4:02 pm

Oi my name is david, i am a contract acceptor money maker. i been here 3 years or so and loved every minute of it. lovely bunch of people here. i like pvp and being docked in a station. I am the contract king and don't like undocking to procure isk.

i am a 21 year old pharmacy student and i love ultimate frisbee and i play it a lot. i also like going out on the sesh, seshing is life. when i'm not at uni i work for my mum at an after school club looking after kids.

my favourite ship is a ship i can make profit on. nah my real favourite ship is the wolf, it shits out dps and is cheap as chips. i also like the idea of being a bait ship and then dropping shit like it's hot. i am very good at isking and getting corpies good deals on stuff and welping shit just for the bants.

My pirate pet would be called lemon and it would be a lizard cause i like lemons and i am a lizard

yours truly

colonel jewbag

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Re: Leadership, Directors, Diplo's, Recruiters

Post by Ti'anna » Mon Mar 05, 2018 5:56 pm

Hey all, Ti'Anna is back from a leisurely 2yr break. I used to be the corp whip, making sure people knew about and were getting into fleets. In fact, if I wasn't busy doing corp business i was a fleet first - rat later kind of guy. I also helped on the back end making corp contracts for ships while on deployment, and helping manage our Top Killer rewards program!
Previous to that I have been in various corps and used a handful of toons, this one becoming primary in 2010 and used mainly ever since. As you can see in my corp history, I stick around quite a while If I find a good corp with a strong but reasonable CEO and laid back happy family of corpies to play with. ITAI has been phenomenal for me, Indy and the other directors placed as much trust in me as I in them.
I run in my own businesses in RL and I mainly only get to run eve while at work, so all that extra in game responsibility wore me out over time! Im glad to see a lot of the other vets are still here, the gel of our family, as well as a lot of new faces who will help build our future. Helping newbies learn how to thrive in 0.0 is helping ITAI continue being the best corp in the game!
Now that im back, I intend to revive my responsibilty to regular Top Killer rewards program for outstanding service. You will be rewarded isk for participating in PAP fleets and being in the top 5, as well as for the coveted Top 5 KB. We have even seen blingy ships awarded to top killers in the past ;)
I will post the full details in the forum in the coming days as I get re-familiarized with the spreadsheet and get caught up. I look forward to fighting/ratting/mining/fapping with you all!

Director eh: Shit's, Giggles and Beavertails

della glon
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Re: Leadership, Directors, Diplo's, Recruiters

Post by della glon » Mon Mar 05, 2018 6:39 pm

oi, my name is della glon, my other account toon name is deGlon. I am a jack of several trades and master of none. I serve Our Corp as a diplomat for US time zone. I am one of the oldest sci fy nerds playing Eve and will die playing in this corp, my last corp, so to speak. One day, when my daughter comes online to give out my stuff, enjoy my stuff, have a memorial fleet, and kill 'em all for me!

So a bit about me...

My pirate pet would be an alligator with no tail, painted yellow, and her name would be "lassie". Take her on walks with other dog and cat owners.

Born into a military family, lived many different places following my Dad, moving every 2 to 4 years. Met my wife in high school and could not get rid of her. Finally she lived with me while stationed in Texas; Texas has an overnight common law marriage certificate that allows a witness and the bedded woman to get married, even with me not there! Married to her over 40 years. Have 2 children: son works as an EMT, Fire Fighter, and EMT instructor, he has 2 sons from 2 different pissed off women, now married with a different woman; daughter serving in US Air Force and is married to another Air Force Officer, they have three daughters. Wife is a teacher's aide in the State School for the Deaf and specialized in Special Needs children.

College: AeroSpace Engineering, Masters of Engineering in Metallurgy/Manufacturing, some academic studies toward a PhD in BioMedical Engineering, specializing hip implant materials.

Military: First job was in Florida on a base on the beach, testing future generations of bombs and weapon systems. After a year there as a bachelor chasing skirts, the Air Force (AF) found out that I could fly planes, so I was sent to Navigator training. After 1.5 years of flight school and combat ops training, went to Texas, flew C-130s around the world: hauling cargo and air dropping paratroopers. Did some special ops stuff. AF then sent me to Alabama did some flight testing of refurbished aircraft from the lowest bidder: flew all C-130 models ever made plus the Navy F-4Ns. Went to night school and got a Masters Degree. AF found out about my advance degrees then sent to Colorado at the USAF Academy as an Engineering Professor and also was a Flight Navigation Instructor. AF then sent me to South Korea for 2 years. Last assignment was in Ohio as Deputy Division Chief developing next generation jet engines. Retired from military to help my parents going through medical issues.

Post Military: Worked as Plant Superintendent of a Plastics plant. Worked as supervisor of a 3 shift, 24 hour a day plant, worked 18 hour days. When I was offered a 8 hr a day job for more money, I then worked as an Environmental Inspector for the State of WV and EPA. Started in Air Quality doing stack testing auditing and plant inspector, ended up as a HazMat Emergency Responder and clean up inspector. Now retired doing Honey Do Lists. I miss being in charge.

Missed the comradery and adrenaline rush of flying tree top level at max speed doing military combat ops. Eve is the closest thing I found without shitting yourself or having to bury your friends. <br/>

Yes, itai will be my last Flying Squadron.

Triales Tre
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Re: Leadership, Directors, Diplo's, Recruiters

Post by Triales Tre » Tue Mar 06, 2018 5:34 pm

OI OI OI. Triales Tre here. Gave myself this name because I had never heard of EVE and signed up on a Trial account to see how it was. Been playing this game since 2008 and enjoy all types of the game play. I collect BPOs and make big stuff. I was the CEO of my own corp when I met Indy. Wanted to get into Null. After a few months, I disbanded my corp and joined up with Indy full time.

RL: I am a retired US Marine with 20 years in the infantry. Been to combat a couple of times and really enjoyed myself. I love RL PVP, but when I am online, I like to relax and just chill. I am really an Asshole with a temper that I try to control, but only because I expect certain things. I have been married and divorced twice and about to get engaged with my girlfriend (it is hard to find someone that really understands you and likes women as much as me :lol: ).

I have a business degree and currently work as an Assistant Manager and working to hopefully be a Store Manager in the next few months. More money, more free time, more game time (when I am not chasing women).

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Re: Leadership, Directors, Diplo's, Recruiters

Post by CarsonC27545 » Thu Mar 08, 2018 11:15 am

OI! my name is Carson, AKA CarsonC27545. I am the Corp's Industry director. I am the second oldest Eve Player in the Corp. and not very good at PVP. I die allot but enjoy trying to kill you and will do so if I get half a chance. If that makes me scallywag, ruffian, thug, scoundrel, villain, rogue, rascal, lout, hooligan, hoodlum, vandal, delinquent, brute and larrikin, or a hillbilly so be it.

I play Eve daily and am on line most days and nights.

A little about me: After spending 22 1/2 years in the military, I retired from the 82nd Airborne Division. Most of my military career was spent deployed with the 82nd at differant locations. Some of the places I have been: Israle, Alaska, Italy, Iraq, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and various other countries

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