How To Deploy/Extract - Move Ops 101

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How To Deploy/Extract - Move Ops 101

Post by Triskie » Sun Sep 30, 2018 5:52 pm


It's a part of null life, and it helps to bring content, keep our space safe, and hold our enemies at bay.

As ITAI you are required to deploy combat mains to staging area(s) to aid in these operations. This can be a daunting task of near endless fleets as you move your combat ships to the warzone...If you were alone.

We are ITAI...

we take care of our own. This includes moving assets; whether deploying to, or extracting from a warzone, ITAI will help pilots get to where they need to be going.

ITAI have a number of capital ships at our disposal which can transport your fit and rigged ships to a deployment area. You will be expected to send a mail with assets to be moved so we can coordinate and check against available space. Depending on the total M3 being moved, we may have to limit ship class, and/or numbers of ships that can be taken.

When a deployment or extraction happens, it can happen fast, so be ready. Please use the LINE APP just in case you're not logged in to EVE when things start moving. You will be notified, and provided with instructions on how and when to begin the process.

When you get the O.K., things will happen fast to get your ships moved, so again, be ready.

There are some steps involved in getting this done:

1) RENAME SHIPS to your character name

2) EMPTY CARGO BAYS of everything except ammo/charges

3) Place all additional items/refits into provided container and RENAME the CONTAINER to your character name

4) Place container AND ship(s) into instructed corps hangar DO NOT REPACK your ships!

5) Deploy your combat character(s) to staging with regular move op fleets in a doctrine ship of choice.

6) Wait patiently for the rest of your assets to arrive.

Capital pilots will then transport your assets to the destination as they deploy their ships.

Any further questions may be asked at any time to help you further understand this process.

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