When extraction goes wrong: Grand Theft Panther!

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When extraction goes wrong: Grand Theft Panther!

Post by Triskie » Tue Oct 23, 2018 10:56 am

"Hey boys, feel like going for a small shit kitchen sink roam"?

This was the start of a fairly regular PVP night with old friends. I'd have to say about 20 of us went out that night, all in cruiser down ships with no particular doctrine other than it had to be fairly fast and agile.

We made it to where we were going that night and our hunters gave word that a PL BLOPS fleet was seen in a few of the systems they had passed; we didn't have enough to take on what was being reported, so we decided to keep looking for targets of opportunity and small gangs. We had been successful thus far, killing random targets and even had some good small gang scraps that night. It was your typical Friday/Saturday drunk roam where no fucks were given, and we were out for the laughs, until we vaporised back home.


One of the hunters ended up cloaked off half of their fleet and was watching them extract. We decided to head in that direction, just in case. Our gang was moving fast to their position, free burning hard as we raced to get close to our hunter; 4 jumps, 3, 2 jumps, 1...

"were sitting on gate, give us the green light"

Our cloaked hunter watched as they extracted, all but 3 Battleships jumped, who knows why.. likely timers. Our hunter decloaked, got tackle on one of them, and called in for backup... bubbler in system, in warp, right on top of them...BUBBLE UP! We piled into system and warped.

Get wrecked PL...

A Widow, and a Panther sitting pretty in our bubble. with a Redeemer skirting the edge. Constantly switching targets, trying to pin down what we could without losing too much of our DPS, we had the Widow almost through shields, the Panther was solidly pinned down, but the Redeemer was able to jump out.

Widow down, move on to the Panther...

WE had only lost 1 or 2 of the gang so far, so our DPS was still pushing through the Panthers tank pretty solid which was now in deep armor, 3/4 hull, 1/2 hull, 1/3 hull...

STOP fucking shooting!!! STOP, STOP, STOP....he ejected, he ejected, he ejected!!!

I can't remember if we killed his pod, it didn't matter. One of the gang boarded the 3.8 billion ISK BLOPS and we escorted it back to safe space.

Yes, PL just handed us a Panther... OP SUCCESS!

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Re: When extraction goes wrong: Grand Theft Panther!

Post by industrial oblitorator » Thu Nov 29, 2018 10:30 am

awesome man
Who got the panther?

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